A tricky physics based rocketship delivery game with an integrated level editor.


Built from scratch

Rocket Shipment is an ode to older lander-type games, and was made from scratch. Development started in August 2018 and is still in progress. Rocket Shipment was made because I could not remember the name of a shareware game I played when I was young. This shareware game, called Crazy Gravity (yes, I found it eventually!), was something that stuck with me because of its fun game loop and challenging levels. I really wanted to play it again, but because I did not know the name I couldn't find it again. I then decided to make my own version from scratch.

Solo developer

My name is Jelmer Pijnappel and I'm the solo developer for Rocket Shipment. I make games for a hobby while juggling a full-time job and a family.


  • Deliver crates while running out of fuel and being shot at
  • Navigate a spaceship through tight and challenging spaces
  • A range of challenging levels
  • A level editor to make your own
  • Pure physics based fun


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best game my husband ever made until now" Wife, Oct 2020

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About Chocolate Pinecone

My name is Jelmer Pijnappel and I'm a solo developer. I make games for a hobby while juggling a full-time job and a family

Rocket Shipment Credits

Jelmer Pijnappel
Sole developer
James Brain
Matthew Radley
Sound designer